Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free Pencils

Deals for school will help any household's budget this coming school year. So why not take advantage of this site HERE that gives their new sign up members Free Pencils? Your children will enjoy the Free Pencils, which are stylist and cool to show off to their friends. Below I will show you in just 2 easy steps to receive your Free Pencils at no cost to you!

In addition to the Free pencils the site offers loads of school supplies such as:  notebooks, rulers, crayons and folders and anything else your child may need for the coming school year for free. The pencils are the only thing you can order (First time order) for free with no charge, all other items you will have to complete surveys, games, contest, forum contest for them which are mailed directly from

The above picture are the Free Pencils you will receive at no cost to you when you sign up*

  • Sign up HERE and confirm your email
  • Confirming your email is very important, which validates you as a member
  • Enter your contact information, which should be valid in order to receive the item from


  • After you sign up and confirmed your email your account will be rewarded $1!
  • The $1 only applies to members from the UK and USA locations